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In this issue:

Managing Software License Disputes: Cooperation or Litigation
(By Robert J. Scott and Julie Machal-Fulks)
In recent years the relationship between software publishers and businesses has become increasingly acrimonious. Software publishers are frequently approaching their customers making allegations that include violations of federal copyright laws and breach of software license contracts. Because software license disputes involve significant legal issues, lawyers can help their clients manage these matters through a combination of proven dispute resolution strategies that can be tailored to each client’s particular objectives. (Read article)

In previous issues:

Laptop Data Breaches: Mitigating Risks Through Encryption and Liability Insurance
(By Julie Machal-Fulks and Robert J. Scott)
Since February 2005, the identities of approximately 93 million people have been exposed because of data leaks. To minimize potential liability, companies should proactively monitor their security policies, encrypt their data, and report breaches as required by state law. Companies should also consider purchasing insurance coverage to protect them in the event that their data is stolen or lost. (Read article)
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